Hey, Girl

Do you want to win a Ryan Gosling Tea Towel?  You might not think you need a Ryan Gosling Tea Towel, but I’d urge you to look at the giggly glory that is Ryan Gosling seeing his tea towel and tell me how you don’t need this in your life.

Click and giggle,
Click and giggle,

You see?  You want it, right?  I saw this video a while back and was motivated to order two of those tea towels for my very own.  I forgot that I don’t really have dishes or pots, and that I pretty much only eat food prepared and delivered by other people in containers I can throw away and/or recycle.  It was THAT powerful!

The thing is, now I have two tea towels with Ryan Gosling’s face on them.  I think that’s too much handsomecuteness for one woman, so I’d like to give one of them away and will send it to you.  Oh, do you wanna see what it looks like?  Okay, here you go:

In case you don't win, click on the pic for a link to buy your own.  It's a bargain at $15.
In case you don’t win, click on the pic for a link to buy your own. It’s a bargain at $15.

All you have to do to win this glorious creation is this:

1)  Comment on this post, AND/OR

2)  Tweet this post, and add hashtag #jenmcox, so I know you did, AND/OR

3)  Post this on your FB and tag me

And, if you win, promise me, you will send me a pic of the towel in action at your place and let me re-post here.   (No NSFWs, please!)

So, you can get three chances to win the most awesome thing ever while sitting on your couch/bed/toilet (<–but, I hope you’re not online while you’re on the toilet, because really?  The internet isn’t that serious.)

Contest closes on April 1.  Hey, girl, good luck.


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