Feeling Grateful

So, that presentation I started so late yesterday?  It went swimmingly.  I think it’s because, although I didn’t start writing it until less than 24 hours before it was due, I was thinking about it and making notes in the trusty Moleskine graph-paper notepad for at least a week.  So, by the time I went to write, it was pretty much all there.

But, that’s not the thing I’m grateful for (<– I don’t know how to end that sentence without a preposition, so just let me have this one, hmmm?).  While I’m happy it went well, what I’m really grateful for today is Facebook.  What?  Yes, Facebook.  I posted a status update on my wall this morning that just said, “Hey, friends, if you have a moment at around 2pm Central Time, can you do me a solid and take 20 seconds to concentrate on some good thoughts and send them my way?”


I totally believe in the power of prayer/good thoughts, whatever you want to call it.  I have felt Meme (my mom) at my back during some hard times when I asked her to keep me actively in her thoughts.  The thing that Facebook did for me today, was to make that tangible — bunches of comments that said, “We got you.”   (The first was from a friend who was close in high school, and whom I still hold in my heart, but haven’t seen in real life for at least 15 years.)  And, I have to say, I felt each of those thoughts and prayers and good wishes.  All of them.

Every good thought that came my way today as a result of my just asking for them was a good thought I could see on my timeline, and feel right down there where, as they say, the spirit meets the bone.  It was transformative, and enough to get me through not only the presentation, but to make me feel like I could sort out a plan for some serious travel/busy-ness/work… and opportunities that are coming up next week.

Thank you.  I’m going to spend a few minutes right now channeling every good thought I can so I can send them right back to my Facebook friends … and to you, too. You may not know they’re coming, but you’ll know when they get there!  Happy Weekend!

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