Sometimes I Get It Right

Some time ago, I did a big clean out of the yarn stash (the fabric stash awaits my wrath and is huddled, scared, in several Rubbermaid tubs in the foyer closet.  I’m coming for you, cottons, rayons, blends … get ready!)

Anyway, I found a lot of projects almost done, many of them with almost full skeins of yarn left-over.  I wish I had the discipline to just knit the damned button bands, or sew in the ends and cut off those baby skeins for use in small projects.  But, nope.  I just don’t do it.

If, however, I start a new project immediately after the last one is done, instead of tucking away finishing for later, I am awesome at using up those leftover skeins.  Like, remember how I finished my Chalkstone sweater, and it came out super cute?

Well, I found myself, after sewing up the armholes and weaving in all the ends with roughly 400 yards of yarn (no, I do not know how to estimate yardage, but in my defense, Miss Bab’s skeins are hella’ big.)

So, I did the right thing, and immediately started a new project, the Leaf Lace Scarf via Purl Bee.

I’m already well in, see?

If I didn't have a head cold, I'd finish the first half of this tonight.
If I didn’t have a head cold, I’d finish the first half of this tonight.

I highly recommend this pattern, even if there’s the dreaded Kitchener Stitch waiting for you … just try it, you’ll like it.


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