I Love People

Just came in from last walk of the evening with Russell Jenkins and found our new building maintenance supervisor, Tony, outside, removing shovels and equipment from today’s final redesign of our courtyard.  It looks 100% better, and 50% more like an old folks’ home — those benches … well, still, it’s better.

Tony:  “Hey Russell!  Hi, lady!  (<–that’s what he calls me and I like it just fine, because I’ve been called worse!).  This looks good, right?  It’s coming together.  So, hey, did you hear about that basketball player?

Me:  (Thinking he meant something about Rose not coming back to play for the Bulls, or coming back to play for the Bulls…it’s hard to keep up)  No, what happened?

Tony:  He’s gay!

Me:  Who?

He meant Jason Collins.  I didn't hear about it until in the carpool on the way home tonight.
He meant Jason Collins. I didn’t hear about it until in the carpool on the way home tonight.

Tony:  Oh, I don’t remember, but he’s in the NBA and he’s gay, and he told everyone.  That takes some balls, huh?  [He giggles at the use of “balls”]

Me:  I guess, yeah.  It’s probably hard to come out no matter what you do, where you are, or who you are.  (But, as I’ve been reading tonight, Jason Collins came out with grace and with the expectation of acceptance that he deserved.)

And, know that that’s a paraphrase, but the gist is right.  And then, this part of the conversation happened, which I didn’t remember word for word, and in its first telling was probably better, but I asked Tony to wait while I got my phone so he could repeat his message and I could record it and then run in and write it down for you:  (Thank you U of C, U Mich, and Keystrokes for keeping my transcription skills strong over the years!) I told him I was going to write about it, but he was okay with that.

Tony:  So, yeah, I was saying, it’s hard all right.  Hard to keep people out of your business.  Let me tell you, okay?  I don’t care who you have okay sex with, man or woman, it don’t matter, okay?  Why do you care?  [Note:  I’m thinking by “okay sex”, he meant sex where everyone was of the age of consent and no animals or children were involved.  He seems like a decent guy, so I’m going with that.]  I don’t want to know about what anyone does in the bedroom.  Sex?  Whatever.  It’s all messy and messed up anyway, not like what you expect.  It’s just another thing people do and then it’s done.  What you do is not my business unless you do it with me.  I mean, like, okay?  I eat meat, but I don’t eat pork, right?  But why do you care what I eat, if you’re not feeding me and I’m not eating your cow?  Right?  So, why do you care who I screw if it’s not you?  I say, girl, people should mind their business.  I only care if you’re a good guy or not.

And, what I would have said, if I hadn’t turned my phone off recording to run in and type this while I was still a half hour from going to sleep is this:

Tony, you are the bomb!


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