Not To Be Sacrilegous

But, I’ve found great strength in carrying around my own personal talisman from time to time.  This week had me delivering some hard news on Monday, with more to come on Tuesday, but I got through it because I wore my warrior bracelets –a set of gold bangles my Aunt Eunice got when she was in the Peace Corps in India.  My begging and coveting finally wore her down and she sent them to me last year. Every time I put them on, I feel invincible.  Not because I’m worshiping a golden ox (Is that right? Was it a steer?  I need a refresher on my Catechism classes, I think.)  Whatever the thing is I’m not worshiping, I love wearing those bracelets because I’m reminded of every good thought I know my auntie has for me whenever I put those bracelets on.  Plus, they jingle, jangle, and generally announce their presence, and mine, whenever I wear them.

Tomorrow, I’m wearing the warrior bracelets, AND the birthday ring I bought for myself two years ago.  It’s a giant moonstone I got from TOUS, and its heft and breadth are a reminder, when it’s on my finger, that I can be a super-star.  Do you have a talisman that gives you courage when you need it — or, more accurately, reminds you of the courage you have?  It’s marvelous, isn’t it?



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