New Favorites: Simple little stockinette wraps

Hi, friends. Since Sunday, I’ve made and/or revised (and I counted, because that’s how I am) 342 PowerPoint slides. That’s why I can’t even bring myself to write anything even remotely interesting or useful or funny right now. So, even though I’m super thankful for Fringe Association on the daily, I’m super thankful x 8 million for her right now, because look at this post she’s put up that I get to reblog! I’m not lazy, so there!

Fringe Association

knitting patterns for simple stockinette wraps

We all know how important it is to have a simple little stockinette project on the needles, for those times when you want something mindless to knit. Or when you’ve screwed up a row of your slightly lacy cardigan and aren’t ready to face fixing it …

LEFT: Cabinfour’s Nordic Wind is a super simple little triangle shawl with wide stripes — shown in four shades of grey, from dark to light, for a little bit of ombré effect.

RIGHT: The Purl Bee’s Beautiful Spring Scarf is nothing but a stockinette rectangle with fringe. But ooh la la, how curious am I about that cashmere-linen blend yarn it’s designed for. And the idea of nylon cord for the fringe is pretty genius.


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