Some Things To Share

Sharing is caring.
Sharing is caring.

One of the things that this new time has given me is the gift of looking around.  If you haven’t had it yourself, I highly suggest you ask for that gift on your next gift-receiving occasion.  It’s marvelous.

With the too-soon-for-my-liking demise of Google Reader, I’ve been combing through my feed list to migrate them over … somewhere?  If anyone has a good suggestion, I’m all ears.  In that combing, I came across some old friends and new that maybe you’d like to know about:

1)  The Smallest Forest.  You should know this woman.  The descriptor line on her masthead:  “Express yourself.  It is later than you think.”  (Link goes to the About page which will blow your mind.)

2)  Saveur Magazine.  I will never be a cook.  Saveur makes that okay.  The food writing is superb — equal parts a celebration of the food and moving words about the occasions and people involved in its preparation and eating.  Fine, fine, work.   And the drinks recipes! (we had the Strawberry Pimm’s cup yesterday)

3)  Russell Davies.  Because he’s brilliant.  You probably already knew that.

4)  MyJournie.  Written by my smart, talented and delightful cousin Janelle, who also writes for a host of magazines both on and offline.  (See her recent work for Black Enterprise — she’s something else.)  Link goes to a recent post about walking — my favorite thing for getting your mind right.

5)  The Crafts Dept.  I know, okay, it’s Martha Stewart — maybe it seems odd to have her on the list, but you can’t beat The Crafts Department when you’re itching to do something with your hands and need an idea or two.  Seriously.

6)  Esperanza Spalding.  Because sometimes you miss her.  Because sometimes you want to see what she’s wearing and wish your hair were 1/10th as amazing.  Or, at least I do.

Happy Little Friday Eve!


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