Update — Summer Hair

Hair theatre

Scene 1:  Corner convenience store.

Me:  Hi

Clerk:  Hey, I like your hair.

Scene 2:  Corner bistro

Me:  Hello, can I get a spinach soup to go?

Becks:  Sure.  I like your hair down like that.

Scene 3:  Starbucks

Me:  Hey, can I get an iced coffee and an extra cup of ice?

Barista: (I can’t remember her name, but she’s really nice)  I like your hair.  What did you do to it?”  

Barista Dan: She covered it up with that wig.


Seriously, I love that guy — he’s only one besides my family who’s allowed to call me JenJen.  I have, in his presence on more than one occasion laughed so hard a trip to the ladies was in order.


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