What is Going On

with this blog?  It’s too much hodge-podge, I think.  It started off as a chronicle of knitting and sewing stuff, then I added other craft stuff, then I started talking about Russell Jenkins and work and 70s songs that get stuck in my head.  I’ve started a new site for the craft stuff, Chicago TextileWorks, which makes sense, since there’s an actual entity called Chicago TextileWorks, and as it grows, it probably is a good idea to keep it separate from this site, as it’ll also have PayPal and Big Cartel links for shopping, and be basically about product, not stupid musings.

I’m going to work on that next week, and just keep this for the randomness. Like, right now, for instance, when I’m randomly sharing my new favorite music from Laura Mvula.    My neighbors are about to break down the door any second … either to make me turn down the stereo, or to join me in a good dance.  Check her out at the link above, and see the video below, the title song from her new EP:

Click thru.  She's good.
Click thru. She’s good.



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