I Got Nothin’

According to the editorial calendar I made for myself, today was supposed to talk about the development of the CTW website and updated blog.  I’ll be revising that calendar shortly.  I messed up yesterday with a late day nap, then its resultant inability to sleep.  The bad news was I had to be up early to get some work done.  The good news was, I had some time to spend with Hulu last night while I struggled to fall asleep.  I didn’t know what I’d been missing.  Hulu usually gets short shrift because it’s not on the home screen on my iPad like Netflix is.  

You guys, I didn’t know what I’d been missing.  Hulu is the bomb.  It doesn’t have The Courtship of Eddie’s Father (which I think may have been a little racist?  Is it possible to be a little racist?  Anyway, looking back, something about the Mrs. Livingston situation makes me a little nervous.  I digress) , nor does it have A Family Affair.  (Man, there were NO black people on TV when I was in short pants!)  That’s okay, though, because there’s this show:

The Supersizers
The Supersizers

These two will eat anything.  It’s atrocious, and also hypnotizing!  The schtick is they “travel” to different time periods and eat as the people did then for a whole week.  For the Regency period, I had to close my eyes for a good ten minutes.  Eyeballs are not food.  I don’t think it’s the sleepiness talking when I say that this is a REALLY interesting series, and though Giles has table manners that are kind of gross, you can get past that because Sue is pretty funny.  You should watch all the episodes this week so I have time to work on the CTW content and write a post here announcing its arrival.  Thanks!


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