I’ll admit that my reasons for going to law school weren’t really very good.  Some people love the law and believe in the sanctity of individual rights and protections, and just want to fight the good fight when they see injustice.  Other folks want to pursue a course of study that’ll get them a big paycheck in the end.

My story has none of that.  I just like school, and I hate not knowing things that other people know.  So, when I decided to go back for my MBA, I thought, “Hey, why not add on a couple more years and get my J.D. at the same time?”  Note that this was when student loans weren’t scary, global warming was a theory, and Enron hadn’t imploded yet.   So, I went to one of the most conservative law schools in the country and didn’t like a minute of it, except for constitutional law and tax law (<–there was something about the math that appealed to me, I think).

I don’t practice now, nor do I have any desire to, but I do follow the Supremes because that’s what Con Law folks do, and also because it’s just interesting.  This week saw a whole lot of interesting from the court (and it’s just Monday!)  [As a side note, I have a friend who’s a clerk at the Supreme Court and he gave me a tour of the building and chambers once, including the basketball court on the top floor, so I can, without qualification say, I’ve been to the highest court in the land … both of them!]

Anyway, affirmative action is a complicated mess and I don’t presume to know how to level the playing field in a way that’s meaningful and palatable for everyone, but I do think there’s merit in trying to do so.  I’m on a creativity/cleaning/life planning terror this week, but am going to do my level best to find some time to read the opinion of the court.  I started and was engaged by page two.   Hopefully I’ll come out the other side with more questions and more understanding.  If you want to read it yourself, here’s the link:  Supreme Court Sends Affirmative Action Case Back

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