Stash collaboration

Because, isn’t this the best idea ever? I’m inspired and thinking about organizing a big ‘un here in Chicago this summer, because I sure am tired at looking at all the skein remnants, and one-skein purchases languishing in Rubbermaid bins around the joint. Maybe this is the start of a movement!

Not Plain Jane

vacation outsideI’ve been filled to the brim with knitting inspiration. In our short time together Kris and I produced what we call a Stash Collaboration — we pooled our entire collections of Sundara sock yarn, as well as everything that resembles it in weight, and came up with combinations of colors to make two Carlisle scarves.

We stood outside on the deck and threw colors together, added and subtracted, said yes or no. We squinted, dug deeper into the bags, had some aha! moments of brilliance and inspiration, and almost fell over each other to get back inside and cast on.

kris' carlisleWe stayed up late into the night, knitting away until we’d reached the point where we knit the first color change and began the next section.

On Saturday morning we got up and kept knitting, through two cups of strong coffee and grazing that passed for breakfast. We began talking…

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