This is about my dog

You guys all know Russell Jenkins.  He’s the second best dog I’ve ever known (because no dog will ever surpass Louis.  My heart is different for having had him in my life.).

Russell Jenkins is acting kind of blue today — not sure if he’s feeling sick, feeling tired, or just feeling sad,  missing the Ohio homestead.  We’ve been spending a lot of time there this summer.

For RJ, going home is all acres and acres of rabbits to chase and sometimes deer, stupid Hercules to taunt, sneaky furniture surfing, sitting and staring at my Mom and Dad in a bid to get them to pick him up, and lots of folks to follow around in hopes they drop something from their sandwich or just give in and give him a bite.  Every once in a while, he gets kind of blue though, and I hate that he can’t tell me what’s up.  Or, maybe he’s not blue, and is just chill and I’m putting my stuff on him.  I just wish he’d jump up on the couch right now, knock over all the cushions while he finds good purchase, and put his head on my laptop right where I’d not like it to be, just to let me know he’s his same old entitled self.  Weird that when my dog isn’t acting like a jerk-face, I’m worried about him.

Right on.  Click thru for more heartwarming.
Right on. Click thru for more heartwarming.

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