I Am Trying

… to get it together today, to clean beyond just the living room today, to get a proper walk with RJ in today, to be happy I went to the gym yesterday and find a way to go again today… trying is a sport. You must practice.

Image via fanpop.com
Image via fanpop.com

And if, every so often, you’re just well and good over this whole trying thing, maybe you can take a break and let someone else step in.  Today, my relief try-er is Stephanie McPhee who wrote a beautiful post about the passing of her uncle.  It is sad, so read at your own risk, but if you do read it, when you get to the end, you’ll be renewed and ready for your next thing when you see the  promise she made to her uncle.  It’s one I think we should all make to ourselves about living a life that’s worth it and thanking those that made it so:  “I’ll do the stuff we talked about. I got this.  Have a good rest. I love you.”

Amen, and keep on!  See you on LFE!


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