Meeting Cancelled

The old me would have said, “Yay!  Nap time!”  The new me says, “If I get to the gym now, I’ll feel great … or at least better.”   Perspective and little steps, friends.

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Just read this from Long Reads, and it reminded me how lucky I am.  I had a recent surprise sickness.  I went to the ER for a Zipac, saw the look on the attending’s face, and knew I was in for something I hadn’t planned. I could totally relate to Corsello going home to clean up his apartment before he checked in to the hospital.   When they told me I’d have to stay, I forged a bargain (and promise not to sue) that let me go home, change out of my Spanx (<–seriously?  Clearly I wasn’t planning on a hospital stay.  Who wears Spanx to the hospital?) and get my pets sorted before coming back to check in that evening.   Now, I think a lot about what my body does and doesn’t say to me.   I still have some work to do — working from home, I find, makes it hard to be as disciplined as I’d like, but every day is a new chance.

Today, my body is saying, “You could get so much done if you’d spend this next hour curled up on the couch typing more crap into your computer.”  Luckily, my ears are parts of my body that don’t work too well, so the cloying appeals made by my ass and front butt to stay comfortably where I am are easily ignored.  60 minutes of cardio should be just the thing to check those fools.


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