Someone Needs To Get Over Here…

and give my body a proper talking to.  Was doing so well pre-pulmonary embolism — I even went to the gym the day before I went to the hospital.  I won’t claim any huge effects from my exercise, but I was there on the daily for 45 of cardio, it was making me feel better, and setting me up for the next stage, 2 hours per day of cardio and weights.  That was my goal.  A morning session and evening session every day.  I’d saved up for it!

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Cut to five weeks later, when I’ve had clearance to go to the gym for two weeks now, and it’s the hardest thing ever!  Just trying to do 2.5 miles a day on the Elliptical on the Interval setting.  No big.  But, it IS big.  If other people hadn’t been at the gym today (and if I hadn’t convinced myself they were only there to look at/judge me) I certainly would have hit the showers at .75 miles.

I know it must be a process, but am still frustrated by having to work this hard to get my mini-almost-barely-there mojo back.  It’s hard to wait for it, so I keep trying to cajole it out with promises of shopping trips and/or vacations (the Camino still looms!).  We’ll see.  For now, I’ve got to put my gym clothes in the laundry so I’ve no excuse for not trying again tomorrow.


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