Three Things For Sunday

That sounds like the title of a YA novel, hmm?  But, it’s not.  It’s just three things that mark this day and that maybe will give you a chuckle, if not a full-on appreciation for how awesome and funny the world is:

1)  I got a dollar-bill back in change from Starbucks this morning, and if you didn’t know, according to the writing on said bill, Leyla A. smells like poop.  (<–full on giggle that one.)

2)  I’m not the only one with disdain for the hipster — shared a  perfect (almost film-able) moment with the waiter at Troquet today, when we both witnessed a hipster bike-riding production at the same time. SEriously, it was like they bought the bike at hipsters-R-us (<–the R is facing forward in irony) I saw him, he saw me, and his face just said, “Girrrlll?  Did you see those assholes?”  And, in response, my face said, “Brother, yes.  They tryin’tabe discovered.!”

3) See number 2, because I’m still laughing at those contrived hipsters!

Hope your Sunday had a couple of things in it that made you smile.  I’m off to indulge in what’s about to be my weekly gift to myself.  It was an accidental order and sounded like a bad idea at the time, but let me tell you, the deviled  eggs with sriacha at The Foundatinhead are where it’s at!  Sunday … or any day!


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