This Ain’t It Either

So, I’m about @ 1502 in, but the post that was to be my 1500th is coming, and because it was crowd-sourced, it’s going to be awesome.  Meantime, I have opened the valve to loose some of the thoughts that have been hanging around mucking up the joint that is my noggin.  I need to create some room in here, so here’s one I’m purging tonight:  BEAUTY

Though I wish I’d thought of it myself, I guess I’m not ashamed that my personal life motto comes from someone else — someone entirely disconnected from me personally, but whom I still admire — less because of his work, than because of his philosophy:

billquoteAll you have to do is have your mind right.  What are you looking for?  Looking for a problem?  One will surely pop up to meet you.  Looking for what’s wrong?  The examples are everywhere.  Why wouldn’t the same be true when looking for the beauty?  If it’s sought out, there it is, often right there in the open, sometimes just a corner peeking out from behind something scary, sometimes a full on tableau that we need to step back to see — however it comes/shows itself/is, it’s always there waiting to be seen.

This video put me in mind of an approach to finding beauty that I’m trying — daily — to work on for myself and that’s based on Cunningham’s admonishment to look for it.  What I don’t think is beautiful, upon closer look, upon distanced look, upon a look from another’s perspective, may just well be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  And, if that happens,  it’s my duty to tell someone about it, I’d guess.  Here comes Monday, friends, and a chance to change the title on your business card to “Professional Beauty Hunter”.  That sounds about awesome to me!

Watch it!  Click thru & watch it!
Watch it! Click thru & watch it!



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