I am Moving

Soon!  Prompted by a fruit fly infestation that saw me saying, “Gotcha, sucker!” all night on Saturday while I hunted for the source (turned out some kind person sent me a package which required refrigeration.  I opened it two days later.  Blurgh.)

It was so hard to clean my tiny abode — gotta move everything to mop, pick up rugs, move it all back while unhelpful pets look on in consternation … I’m done with this place.  The cost-savings I was so happy to reap by living in a small apartment just aren’t worth the headache of making a small apartment in a vintage (read: shittay) building work.  I need some glitz and glam and a doorman, I think.  And, two extra rooms.

I’ve been on the List de Craig this morning and domu, but no love either place so far.  I think Chicago may have gone the way of New York and I’ll have to use a real live broker to help me find my new home.  And, maybe it should be a home that I buy.  I mean, all that 401K money is just sitting there… we’ll see.  Wish me luck.  I’m planning a weekend of home shopping with my mom next month.  She has good perspective and won’t hold her tongue if I get ahead of myself.  We’ll see …


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