You know how much I already love Kristin Chenoweth?  No?  Well, now you do, because I’m here to tell you, I just love her.  My heart was sad when Pushing Daisies left, and her stage work always gets me.

I think the word is generous — a lot of people, me included, would have been less than happy to have that talent share the stage at HER show.  And, it was a surprise.  Maybe generosity and graciousness are the words I’m looking for — Genergraciosity, it is.

Click thru for the video
Click thru for the video

I think there’s something about loving what you do and finding someone who does that thing you love like a boss that makes a heart sing.  (if you’ll pardon the pun.)  Maybe you can’t help but be happy and generous and gracious when you find it?  Maybe all you can do is root for that person.  Maybe jealousy isn’t even a factor at that point.  I don’t yet know for myself, but maybe I’ll find out.


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