Already Off The Rails

Man, I  need an intervention.  Or, maybe my potential mortgage lenders need to understand the power of the purse.  I am trying to save for a new home, but then, I just happened to walk the dogs past Hazel and I couldn’t think of anything better than buying that blue bag that’d been calling me for days.  It’s this one.  I mean, what would you have done?

So, I have to find a way to fill the $220 hole in my savings plan.  Anyone wanna buy a cat?  A dog?

Whatever.  I’m not sorry, and can’t wait to rock that bag on my next trip (may be just another dog walk, but whatever) out of the house!  At the end of the day, $220 is only .11% the cost of the place I really want..  maybe they’ll take my purses as a downpayment!






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