Klout! I Luvs Ya!

I’m ignoring the fact that Saul is currently eating dog food out of the dustpan right now. I can’t even … and, yes, I should have emptied it, but I got a phone call and then forgot and then there he was eating that food (that Russell Jenkins literally threw on the floor and refused to eat) so whatever.  I have bigger and happier things afoot.

Most of those happier things today are due to Klout.  If you don’t know it, you sure should.  I got  Klout Perk earlier this month from Regus, which gave me a card for free shared office space when I need it in Chicago.  And, I need it a lot.

Then, today, minding my own business, leaving the house to go cash in my scratch-offs (because that’s how I do my financial planning), when I saw this bag in front of my foyer door:

This bag was at my doorstep!
This bag was at my doorstep!

Hmm, I said … could this be a trick played upon me by Sallie Mae?  (Seriously, if I ever get kidnapped, Sallie Mae will find me in 15 minutes).  But, I was wrong.  Look what was inside:

Hmm ... organic margaritas anyone?  I'll take 8!
Hmm … organic margaritas anyone? I’ll take 8!

And, as if margaritas weren’t enough …

Cosmos, too!
Cosmos, too!

I feel like everyone who knows and/or works with me should get online and send a thank you letter to VEEV for my good mood today.  For real.   Happy day before Little Friday Eve!




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