Let’s Win The Week

Here are just some thoughts for this week that I am going to try to be mindful about during my morning meditation … and also when people start getting on my damn nerves.  (More meditation is clearly necessary.)

This start-of week thought from the good folk at Do What You Love.  Couldn’t be more true if it was carved on a slab sent down from the mount.

This loveliness from Tracy Reese.  Fashion isn’t important, maybe.  Beauty is, though — and here, I mean beauty writ large — and, if fashion is beauty, then it is important. And, when other houses aren’t showing women of color how my heart jumped at Tracy’s afro-cuban inspired work, the music and the models she used.

This picture of Billie Holiday and her dog.  Because she’s been on my mind this week (I have had “Let’s Fall In Love” stuck in my head for 4 days) and because, well, why not?

This picture of Esperanza Spaulding just being Esperanza Spaulding.  Love.

These images from Kate Davies.  Brilliant knitter, survivor and personal hero.

This short film from the 1953 World Champion Sidecar Passenger.  Because sometimes it is really fun to go fast.

This brilliance from Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Because yes.


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