Tryinta Catch Me Riding Dirty

I am set upon by folks who would have us true believers expelled from society for our weekligious beliefs.  Yeah, that’s right, weekligious.  We started a movement  and it’s taking hold.  It’s scaring people who want to keep Wednesday for themselves.  We believe, and will not be thwarted in that belief, that what we’ve been told is a lie — Wednesday? No, it’s Little Friday Eve.

They’d also try to take Thursday back, and refuse to acknowledge the power and purpose of Little Friday (or, as the orthodox among us call it, Little Friday Proper).  I am not ready to give up the fight.  The week is long.  The week is hard.  (Those two things in other contexts might be inappropriate, but get your head out of the gutter and go with me here.)  The week needs shortening and an appreciation for its true purpose — the week is merely designed to get us to the weekend.  THE Friday.  THE Saturday.  Those are the days that the weekligious among us yearn for, and we celebrate their arrival via our Little Friday Eve Cuteopia (see Article 5, section 12.1.3 of our Weekligious Constitution for an explanation) and Little Friday Abitchbetterbereadytion events.

All we’re saying is, you don’t have to get on board, but you can’t deny us our freedom to practice our particular brand of … well, whatever it is!

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