Last One

It’s almost tomorrow, but I have work to do still, building a platform for client experiences using the awesomeness that is Pinterest and Spotify among others.  It’s hard to get work done, though, because I find myself getting lost in the songs and pictures and videos I’m selecting to build fodder for ideation and exploration.  They’re supposed to be images or sounds or videos that inspire, motivate, move, poke at, or even irk our client so that they think differently.  Usually, I can do that, no problem.

But now, no.  After a 44 hour travel jaunt, driving across three states 2x per day, where only 4 hours in that 44 were allocated to sleep and recuperation, I’m having a hard time building a useful set of inspirational items for our next phase of client work.  I have allowed myself to get sucked into and distracted by the beauty that pops up.  (You know about me and Bill Cunningham by now, so how appropriate that even when I wasn’t actively looking, beauty still came up to get me!) Maybe I’m too good at finding it!  Is that a marketable thing?  Hmmm …

See link in the paragraph below, or just click here.
See link in the paragraph below, or just click here.

This, whatever the reason, is the beauty I stumbled upon in my search tonight; it’s the one thing I found that surprised me.  It is melodic.  It is lovely.  It is beautiful.

It is inspiring me not to pack it in and call it a night.  I have this song playing.  I have the delicate, hairy, bossy, perfect heartbeats that I call my family tucked up close enough to feel their breath on my skin.  I have the hope that if you’re up and you have work to do and you’re tired and maybe not wanting to work anymore, this song might be just the thing you need.  Because see above.  It’s lovely.  You will sing along by the third repeat of the chorus.  Guaranteed.

Bless – j


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