Where My Heart Is

Because you know how we’re kind of supposed to have this disdain for technology because it facilitates the very disconnection it was designed to overcome?

Because you know how live music will never be replaced by what’s on your iPod?

Because you know how sometimes it becomes clear that you need to just stop resisting and find a way to let the new in, and do so in a way that makes the content and the vehicle better?

Because Spotify and Pinterest have allowed me just now to bring ideas to life for my clients in a way that a deck (no offense, PowerPoint, Keynote, InDesign) never could.

Because, as proof of that last point, Spotify brought me Gregory Porter.

Because, listen.

Yep.  Click if you don't believe me.
Yep. Click if you don’t believe me.

He’s the last song on the playlist I built for one of my clients.  Right where he belongs.  And, if you have $30, you need to get on Amazon right now and buy the whole of the Johnny Mercer Songbook.  Because those songs … you will love one, and then you’ll search for the voice that you love singing it (Ella is a fav) and you will buy everything that voice has touched, too.

Man.  And, you know what?  Because it’s my birthday month, and because I like people who pay attention,  if you email me your favorite track from the Johnny Mercer Songbook (the link is above, so come on!) you will be entered to win the boxed set.  You have until Monday, October 7th.  I’ll post the winner here on October 8th!  Ask previous random contest winners (remember the Ryan Gosling Tea Towel?) if you’re worried I won’t come through.  I always do!

“My heart is riding on your wings” … I mean, could you just …

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