I went to Alaska last year.  While there, I thought, I’d find a LYS and see if I could cop a better price on qiviut yarn from the lovely Musk Ox.  That stuff is like straight from heaven.  It’s also approximately 8 kajillion dollars a skein.  (Okay, really, $50 to $98, but still, that’s a lotta moola.)

My mom and I found a wonderful store in Skagway and we actually got some great yarn.  None of it qiviut, though, because, even that close to the source, that stuff was hella expensive.  Apparently, it’s not that easy to collect the wool from farmed Musk Ox, because you don’t shear them.  You’ve either got to pluck it off the animal (by sneaking up on them when they’re not looking or something?  I don’t know how that works, but it sounds dangerous), or pick it off the grasses and trees they rub up against during the molt.  So, I guess I get why it’s not cheap.  Still, $98?  I’m not there yet.

Even this cutie pie only has me willing to part with about $70, and she’s ridiculously cute, hmmm?

Click thru, via Buzzfeed.
Click thru, via Buzzfeed.

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