My Shizz is NOT together right now

A lot of travel, very little downtime, so I have been saving up post material in a file on my desktop.  I’ll get to it.  Maybe this weekend!  I hope.  Some of it is comedy gold.  In the meantime, here’s some stuff for Little Friday Eve:

1)  Yes, fried chicken does, in fact, have mysterious powers.  This is true.

2)  I don’t know (beyond the release of Thor:2) why everyone loves Tom Hiddlestone all of a sudden, but as far as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with that, and I love him, too:

3)  This is an idea I’m working on for Chicago TextileWorks and The PubliCompany. Secret identities for businesses … could be fun or a disaster.

4)  Puppies eatin’ shoes.  What else could you want?

That’s it for Little Friday Eve this week.  Perhaps there’ll be something better on Little Friday. Then again … who knows!  I’m driving across the midwest this weekend (Chicago – Austin!), so may be indulging in a bit of pre-drive meditation for the rest of this week.  See you on the other side!


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