Hard Times

For real.  I’m in it this week.  I feel like I’m the guy and work/life is the dog.

Click and see
Click and see

Maybe it’s post-holiday ho-ho-humdrumness?  But, I didn’t really take a break from work, so maybe it’s something else?  General end of year malaise?  Buyer’s remorse over my life choices?  Mercury in retrograde?

I may need to do a little something for myself to get out of this funk.  Shopping seems like a quick fix, but I hope I get it together and do some exercise instead.  It’ll have to be the gentle kind of exercise, though.  (Sean’s T-25 madness is going to have to wait for the new year.)

In case you’re feeling funky, too…might I suggest a little Tara Stiles to get your mind and your spine just right.  She hasn’t failed me yet, and so I’m counting on her to bring the magic when I pop her in the DVD tonight!  Tomorrow, there’ll be no stopping me!


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