Last Hard Day

I already posted this to the soon-to-be-irrelevant-except-for-old-people-like-me Facebook, but am re-posting here as a reminder, largely for me, that t’s important:

Well, er, uh, what had happened was… I was trying to live the Pausch quote (just Google it, and you will find the best, most moving, and north-starriest speech ever), but it doesn’t work so well if other folks won’t play. It’s like the prisoners’ dilemma in real life where the first one to cheat the game gets the reward of all the stress. And, there is reward, I think, for some in that martyrdom, and so tempting for the rest of us to jump up on the cross, too and win at suffering. I would rather win at happy and at peace and at hard work (or the best work I can do which I hope is always in the service of lessening other’s burdens, but not making them my own.). Three months to the Camino Part 2, and it can’t come soon enough.


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