Joyful Productivity

Or, maybe the joyful promise of productivity.  That’s good enough.  I flew to Chicago in a mad dash and got nothing done at all.  It was SOOOOO cold in the old homestead (should have turned on the heat before I left — it takes a good 3-4 days for these old plaster walls to start holding in the heat).  I went straight to bed (on the couch with 17 blakets on top of me <–not a joke. I knit, remember?) and then I stayed there almost all day today watching Season 2 of American Horror Story.  Jessica Lange is everything.

I did leave at 7pm to get my locs tightened, which is always fun — my loctician and I spend a lot of time giggling, which I don’t get to do on the regular in my new city, so a once a month flight to Chicago for hair doing and belly laughing is always on time.

After Rhonda was done with my hair, I hot-footed it back to the apartment to REALLY FINISH PACKING, which did not happen at all, until about 20 minutes ago.  I got a lot of stuff done in a very short amount of time, but am still a full day from finishing.  Normally, I’d be beating myself up all over the place for my lack of productivity, but tonight/this morning (1 hour till cab comes!) I am okay, because I’m about to get productive on something else … PLANE KNITTING!

I opened some boxes (and re-sealed them, too!) and pulled out some fabu yarn that’d been sad at not being touched these last few months.  My Chicago to Charlotte leg is going to see me getting this cowl right underway:

Soliton Cowl -- click thru for the pattern
Soliton Cowl — click thru for the pattern

Mine’s gonna’ be in the on-trend 2014 color of the year – orchid.  (Not the official radiant orchid, but close).

If I get my grove on enough that I’ve memorized the pattern by the time we land in Charlotte, I’m going to cast on for a second cowl (I know!), too:

Via PurlBee -- click for the pattern.
Via PurlBee — click for the pattern.

Yep, that’s right.  Violating my 2013 rule of knitting — no casting on for a new piece until the one on the needles is:  a) 1 inch from cast-off; or, b) just needs seaming and weaving in.  I guess I’ll have to make a better resolution in 2014.


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