What The Heck Are We Doing?

Out of control pattern production going on at the quasi-homestead!  This angst of being between homes has been horrible, mostly, but magical when it comes to making. I should be stressed out more often, maybe?  (Except for the toll it takes on the body — strep throat has been NO FUN!).

I’m way behind on Chicago TextileWorks site, but that’s okay.  Gotta’ get the products, patterns and kits right, before I can sell them, but progress is afoot.

There are two big things underway:  First, the Chicago-themed pattern book, which has expanded from just neighborhood-inspired knitting patterns (The Hyde Park Cowl is killing me with how wonderful it is, and the Old Irving Park mitts are pretty cool, too!) to include sewing and other craft projects.  That’s, as Martha would say, a good thing! But, it means more work than I’d initially planned.  Maybe a finished draft by October? Fingers crossed… when they’re not knitting/sewing/making, that is.

Second, Zoo Babies sweater kits!  I’ve got 2-day sweater kits for 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 months almost ready!  So far, there are elephants, penguins, sheep, kitties and doggies.  But, still working on figuring out the patterns for piggies, pugs (because, they just don’t fit in the doggie category), and monkeys.  That’s the near-term plan — get those done, written, boxed and sold!  Pray for me.  I’ve written these patterns “relatively” gauge-less, so am about to get on Ravelry and ask for test knitters.  We’ll see if anyone’s’ willing to work with my crazy.  If not, I can test knit myself, and bonus for my baby-making friends is they get the spoils!

Here’s a horrible picture of the first draft of the elephant sweater — note that since it was a test, I didn’t pay attention to variances in yarn type, so there’s Miss Babs’ Superwash Merino for the body, but the elephants are knit in Fisherman’s Wool (I know, right?)  Anyway, the wrinkles will come out in the blocking, so there’s that. Only 3 more tests to go, and then the writing and bundling.  I’m excited!

Wrinkles!  Wait till you meet my steam iron!
Wrinkles! Wait till you meet my steam iron!

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