You Know How We Do

You do, right? Especially when it comes to how we do LFE. It’s the third best day of the week. And this week? LFE made a move on me and tried to get me to love it best.

My fam was in town — I mean ALL my fam. Meme & Larry (they made me), Sandy and Elve (they hold me), Aimee (she sets the standard for me), Mark and the 3Js (they keep me grounded and remind me I have family wherever I am), Joanna (she sets me straight … or laughing) and Victoria (she tests me). They all rolled up into Austin over the last 2 days and laid down a boatload of perspective on my ass. I’ve been loosed from my tether in my new job, but you’ve heard that before. I try to contribute, do my best, but have been feeling a little like the response I’m getting is this.

But today, I booked myself for a half-day at work, and I made it happen.  I left and went and had a visit with my fam.  And then, one of my fam — the one who makes it all happen all the time, Meme–was like, “Let’s go get you some furniture, and a Keurig.”  It was equally important to her that I have a proper bed (I’ve been looking, but not that hard) as it was that I have a proper coffee in the morning.  And, we did it.

Let me say that I wouldn’t in any way call this a “proper” bed, but it’s the best thing ever, and SHE BOUGHT IT FOR ME!  It’s a queen-sized day-bed, which seems weird until you see it and imagine yourself in cute pajamas, with a cup of tea balanced on a stack of books that you’ve repurposed into a side table, with a pet or two at your side while you’re watching CreateTV on PBS on a lazy Saturday morning.  I’d encourage you to take a few seconds right now and think about that image.  Got it?  It’s not balla’, but it still makes me holla!

This is the thing:

Big thanks to cousin J1 for the Home Consignments hook-up!
Big thanks to cousin J1 for the Home Consignments hook-up!

Seriously?  That thing makes no sense.  It’s one of a kind, built for a home design show, but I love the hell out of it and can’t wait to throw approximately 7542 pillows on it now.

And, to add the opposite of insult to injury — what would that be?  Adding love to hugs?  I don’t know, but whatever it is, while we were thinking about this crazy bed, something caught my eye:

No, not that one, it's still the bed...
No, not that one, it’s still the bed…

It’s this one:

I know .. but look closer
I know .. but look closer

Like this one, maybe?

Those are Koi, and lillies and orchids ...
Those are Koi, and lillies and orchids …

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I’ll take a better one when I go to pick it up tomorrow. Two pieces of furniture, a visit with a bunch of people whom I love and who love me back, and home-made meals by my Dad for three days?  I am healed for this next little while.  Happy LFE, friends!


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