Hoarders, You Got Nothing on Me

Spent the days off (5 of them so far!) working on a new venture with one of my former and favorite colleagues.  It’s shaping up and the website is almost done.  Hooray!

I’m so grateful for the time I have — only a few more days of real freedom before I start “working” again.  I’ve had time for morning walks with Russell Jenkins that are relaxing and long and don’t see me hurrying him on.  I’ve had time enjoy a cup of coffee AND breakfast every morning.  And, most importantly, time to exercise.  Nothing clears a head and sets things right like a good long sweat.

And, then, there’s the time for self-discovery.  To wit, I’ve discovered that I have serious hoarding tendencies.  After finally going through the 20 or so Rubbermaid tubs taking up space in the 2nd bedroom, I uncovered loads and loads of fabric I forgot I had, yarn for days, approximately 17,000 knitting needles, about 8 million buttons and notions, and over 30 projects just waiting for finishing.  I’d be ashamed if I weren’t so excited to start in on them.  This fabric is about to be a summer tunic dress.  It’s linen and cotton (I think – who can remember, but it feels about right) with butterflies and flowers embroidered all over.  Who knows what possessed me to buy this, or where or when I bought it, but it’s some right happy yardage, and I’m going to cut it tonight!


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