Book Learnin’

Without a book.  So many online courses, so little time.  Beefing up some skills that went dormant in my last professional incarnation, so I can get ready for the next.  I thought some of these might be interesting to share, so here goes.  Most are free or have a nominal fee associated with going beyond the introductory/refresher courses, but IMHO, they’re well worth paying for.  I’m well into the Google Analytics Fundamentals right now and it’s terrific!

1.  Google Analytics:  Digital Fundamentals.  Click here.

2.  Google Analytics:  Platform Principles.  Click here.

3.  General Assembly:  UX Design Principles.  Click here.

4.  General Assembly:  Maximizing your LinkedIn Potential.  Click here.  (It’s today!  It’s in NYC, though … The title is kind of wonky, but LinkedIn continues to be a lifeline for me, so I’m expecting this class could be useful for folks looking to synergize, leverage, maximize, or, do whatever to their networks!)

5.  General Assembly:  Design Thinking.  Click here.  Kind of pricey, but so timely …  Again, if you’re in NY …

6.  Coursera:  Art & Activity.  Click here.  It’s a ways off, but I think it’ll be a good one and interesting/useful for folks engaged in consumer insights development.  The tools we have at our disposal today don’t get people as engaged and invested as they could — can we look to non-traditional immersive experiences to help us build more in-depth understanding of people and their motivations?  Maybe.  We’ll see.

Happy Little Friday!  And, happy learning!


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