Create: Patience Salgado uses art to encourage kindness

A bushel basket is only good for carrying apples. Get your light out from under your bushel. People need to see it!


Patience While following muralist and fellow HU alum Hamilton Glass (Ham?), I came across The Light of Human Kindness project in Richmond, Va.

Last year, Patience Salgado encouraged people to submit stories of hope, loss and support that were then painted on the side of a building at 2401 W. Cary Street. Ham? then painted a community mural over the stories and a light installation hung: as people submitted acts of kindness online, a light was lit.

I fell in love with this act of creativity for the greater good. It has so much meaning, not just to the people who submitted stories and acts of kindness, but to others who are able to explore these stories and expand our understanding of eachother, our challenges, our triumphs and our capacity to help.

Patience is now running a BonFireFunds fundraising campaign to expand The Light of Human Kindness efforts. Check it out, declare your part…

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