What I Should Have Done

What I should have done was get out of bed when I woke up.  Instead, I laid around for A COUPLE OF HOURS!  In my defense, I was watching Qi on Hulu.  (If you don’t know, you should.  It’s high comedy, equal parts smart and redonk.) There is so much going on — meeting potential clients for Public, trying to build backdrops for photos for CTW (stupid Pinterest makes everything look easy), all kinds of grown up appointments that I should be attending to …  it’s pretty fun, but also hard to keep on top of everything.

Be careful what you wish for, I guess.  I’ve gotten every wish I dreamed of, but find myself amazed at how much I now have to do to keep them moving forward.  First world problems, for sure.  Took a break this evening during the thunderstorm to iron (I HATE THAT) more fabric and set out the patterns that need cutting tomorrow.  First order of business, project bags for knitting projects.  Just finished matching up prints and started cutting some to test this evening:

Those little bits took two hours to iron and measure twice before cutting.  I'm slow in the evening.
Those little bits took two hours to iron and measure twice before cutting. I’m slow in the evening.

In the morning, I’m bound and determined to first, get to the DMV — if I get pulled over, I’m for sure going to jail for my lapsed registration.  Then, home to search for my French curve so I can cut for a pair of shorts that have been hanging over my head for weeks.  Then, boxing up all the finished work to send out to the folks who are waiting.  Oh, and THEN, my REAL job.  This ride is getting exciting!


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