STYLO Issue 2 is here!


you and mie

STYLO is a new online magazine aaaalll about handmade kids fashion.  In the words of Jessica Abbott , one of STYLO’s creators and editors, “ Stylo  is a modern kids sewing magazine, aimed at bringing you the freshest sewing patterns designed by indie designers worldwide.” 

STYLO 2 // you & mie

I can’t tell you how excited (and scared and intimidated) I was when I got the email to be a contributor.  Issue 1 was phenomenal and all the talented people behind it set the bar HIGH.

STYLO 2 // you & mie

I made an outfit for each girl and started with completely blank canvases.  White knit fabric for Yuki and off-white woven cotton for Kaya.  Then they were painted in various stages and with a couple different mediums.  The idea was that you don’t necessarily have to have access to designer fabrics, you can create your own absolutely one-of-a-kind fabric at home!

STYLO 2 // you & mie

One of these days I’ll do a dedicated…

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