Back from Away

A solid week of getting ready for pitches and trying to get my professional life in order.  It’s been hard, but good.  The last few months were filled with unease and worry — they’re not gone yet, but progress is beating them back a bit.

Two things that have made a huge difference:  Encouragement & Acknowledgement.   I am so lucky to have friends and family who encourage and root for me at every turn, and I will never take that for granted.  I am feeling extra lucky these days, though, to have a return to that kind of spirit in my professional work.  I just got off a pitch call (the third this week!) and after it was over, the team lead called me directly and said, “I had forgotten how good you are.  You’re a genius (<– his words!) at setting up client relationships, making them feel comfortable, getting them to open up and asking them thoughtful and hard questions in a way that feels like a hug. I don’t know how you do it.”

Not bragging, but just amazed and grateful.  It’s actually really not that hard to do if you generally like other people and are interested in them, but almost made me misty to have someone whom I respect and look to for guidance point it out and thank me for it.  That’s a good sign right there.  This is the best Little Friday Eve I’ve had in a while.

But, it wouldn’t be Little Friday Eve without babies or kittens or puppies or some other eyeball-diabeetus-inducing fare, so I give you this dancing baby.  I want to eat her (in a good way).


Click the image to view.  You'll dance along, trust.
Click the image to view. You’ll dance along, trust.

Happy LFE!!


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