Chevron blanket free crochet pattern

I have said it a million times — EVERY home needs a crocheted ripple blanket. That’s just the truth. The pattern is easy-peasy and also easily adapted for knitting if you prefer. Get hookin’!

Gippsland Granny

I wrote previously about how I frogged a jumper I had knitted and was going to make it into a chevron blanket.  When I looked back to find the post I discovered it was quite some time ago, December 2012, so the blanket should be finished.

chevron blanketIt is almost finished, I just have to sew in the ends.

I am really happy with the way it turned out.

chevron blanket 2The colours are actually a bit brighter than shown here but I think the colour combination is striking.

close up of chevronsThis is the first time I have attempted crochet on such a large scale.  It was a good project to have as an on-going project when in between other projects.

Here is the pattern.

I used Size 4.00 crochet hook and double knitting/8 ply wool. The yellow was bought and the grey was from a frogged jumper so there is a slight variation in…

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3 Replies to “Chevron blanket free crochet pattern”

    1. How could I not reblog that?! It’s killer! Thanks for your original post. (But I’m going to blame you for making me put yet ANOTHER thing on my needles/hooks this weekend!) 🙂

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