Create: Ham? creates for the community

I suppose it’s a little lazy to reblog other people’s posts, but I feel like sometimes, (Gipsland Granny, MyJournie, Fringe Association, for example) they’re too good not to share. And, sometimes, I don’t have anything to say that would beat these posts! At least by reblogging the writer knows I did it, and that I did it because their words were inspiring, educational, or just plain funny. Let’s mark this one as inspiring!


Ham? working on the Light of Human Kindess mural in Richmond, Va. Ham? working on the Light of Human Kindess mural in Richmond, Va.

Did you know there are little jewels hidden in plain sight in most communities? Murals, stickers and tags on the sides of buildings, in alleys and on light poles, all with a story and a purpose.

Hamilton Glass, known in art circles as Ham?, has been dropping these jewels all over Richmond, Va. and the East Coast. His colorful graphic style is unmistakable, influenced by the streetart of his childhood.

Ham has created art using other, smaller mediums, but his big, sweeping pieces that often mix graphic, abstract elements with portraits and animals really catch the eye of passersby.

Don’t believe me? Follow his work on Instagram (@hamglass) and Twitter (@hamiltonglass). But in the meantime, here are some of his thoughts about community art and creativity.

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