A Thought For The Weekend on BFP

This was posted by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on their Facebook page — and, as an aside, you should follow them, if for no other reason than to see some of the pictures they post.  Those bodies.  Marvel at their ability to be more than the muscle and sinew and tendons and blood and sweat and hope that holds them together, because they can do miracles with movement.  As often as I am jealous of their beautibility (beauty + ability — TMing that shortly) or disappointed by my own lumpiness, I am lifted by the joy that their movement and service to craft can bring. Now, I forgot why I was writing this … Oh, yes, Carmen De Lavallade.  So, see the video below and rejoice in those arms and that neck and her glide, but also listen to one thing she says that you should take with you:  “I met extraordinary people who gave me something to look forward to.”  If you have one or two of those in your lives, be thankful and thank them.  I’m trying to be one myself.  Here’s to Big Friday Proper.  Get after it!

Click thru for the video.
Click thru for the video.

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