When not traveling to clients or on the road, I’ve been working from home, which is great and also horrible.  It’s definitely helped me see the need for discipline:  waking up same time every day as if I had to be in the office; taking breaks for lunch and exercise; turning off when it’s night time.

Note that I said, “the need for discipline” as opposed to “how to be disciplined”. I’ve still got work to do.  And, wrong-headed as it might be, I’d like to blame Netfllix for some of my difficulties.  And, it’s because of the availability of approximately 18,000 episodes of Law & Order. Roughly 17,900 of them feature my favorite, S. Epatha Merkerson, and of those, about 97% feature this sweater:

See that sweater?  EVERYBODY in the service industry has it!
See that sweater? EVERYBODY in the service industry has it!

But, can you see the sweater she has on?  Kind of?  She’s not the only one who wears it.  There are at least 2 other maids and 3 other nannies who have the SAME sweater.  I know because I keep L&O on in the background while I’m working.  For company, okay?

I now find myself consumed by this sweater and predict a week full of going back to the beginning and counting all the times it appears.  I’ve noticed that lots of people who are on the left side of the working class –> rich bastard continuum wear cardigans.  Is that a signal?  Am I turning into a conspiracy theorist?  The truth is out there, and I’m about to watch all kinds of TV to prove it … and also to figure out how that sweater is constructed so I can knit one up for myself … or someone else.


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