Tied Up: Another Origami Bag

How cute is this bag? And, bonus, there’s a tutorial!

Dag Donderwolkje

We’ve got a Japanese origami bag workshop coming up on Friday at Social Fabric, so I entertained myself with making a sample while I wait for my knitting to block. I got to use some amazing Japanese Kokka linen blend fabric…

SF Bag 1

I made some bags like this before, but this one is fully reversible. It’s pretty straightforward to do: you make two identical bags, which you then sew together (right sides together, wrong sides facing out) leaving a small gap for turning right side out again. Turn, press well and top-stitch close to the edge all the way round, et voila!


Well, not quite voila in my case because I discovered my two bags weren’t as identical as I thought… Luckily, with some wrangling, tweaking, and vigorous pressing, my bag turned out fine (phew!). Still, I’ll be triple checking my measurements next time!

SF Bag 2

The aqua blue contrasts really…

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2 Replies to “Tied Up: Another Origami Bag”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Judi! Your bag looks terrific and I, for one, appreciate the reminder to measure, measure, measure! Nothing worse than getting to the end and realizing … ooops, wait a minute, something’s off here! Have a great day!

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