Travel Bug

I gotta’ get out of this place.  If it’s the last thing I’ll ever do …. or, so the song says.  Thwarted, in my attempts to sate the travel bug this week.  I still have some good summer travel to look forward to (NY, DC, Bahamas, UK), but that’s not till later, and I need to get out now because it’s hot and it’s lonely working from home and Texas is just a hard place to be for me.  I was planning on driving from Austin to Piedras Negras, Mexico to visit the cathedral, the handicrafts museum, and stock up on some textiles, mayhap.  Mayhap not.  Was trying to plan the route on Trip Advisor and everyone is like, “No, it’s too dangerous, don’t go.”

On the one hand, the anti-xenophobe in me is all, “You first-world fools are just scared of brown people.”  And, if I’m honest, I’m probably less worried about being kidnapped for ransom than I would be were I a lighter-shade of hedge fund manager, so there’s that.  Maybe I’m not so great and accepting, but how do you prove the negative?  So, I steeled my resolve, girded my loins and, sticking to my guns as it were, prepared to make the drive.  I was unafraid, anxious to put my Spanish to use again and see a part of the world I haven’t yet.  Then, check engine light came on.  Dang it.  If you want to be mad at someone, I say, let’s pick on the Germans for a bit, because my German-engineered car is letting me down.

There’s gotta’ be a bus, I thought.  I mean, it’s only about 2.5 hours away.  And, yes, there is a bus.  There.  There is no way to reserve a return ticket.  What.  The.  Hell.  Totally not making that one up.  I called to verify, and the rep was like, “Well, you can buy a return ticket once you make it there.”  Maybe YOU can, lady, but not me.  So, I think this week will see me instead in San Antonio, leaving tomorrow morning.  And, I’m taking the bus, because what other way to remember why working from home isn’t so bad than to get up close and personal with the public?  Anyway, it’s not my usual day in Austin, so that’s something.   It’s a short ride there and back in a day, which means no dog boarding, so it should be fun!  Catch you when I get back!




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