Eastward, Ho!

T-minus 60 days or thereabouts to making a move east.  Ah, to feel a real winter again.  Mmmmm, at being pressed up against fellow public transportation enthusiasts, and breathing deep their smell!  Sounds gross?  Maybe, but I can’t wait!

More on that later once the details are finalized.  For now, this article I thought I’d share that had gotten me thinking today. Abby @ While She Naps.  I knit way more than I sew, largely because I HATE pattern cutting and I can’t sew anywhere like I can with knitting.  That said, I think part of the reason it’s easy to stay engaged with my knitterly pursuits is because of the incredible communities (IRL and online) built up around knitting.  In particular, of course, there’s Ravelry, which is a daily inspiration. I was wondering why there aren’t similar communities around sewing, so I did what anyone would do, and went and asked Google.  This is the article that popped up, and it’s a really good read, well thought-out, with lots of food for thought!

Just the thing for some Little Friday Eve reading!


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