It’s Okay to Start Over

The knitters in my family always make fun of me, because I have NO PROBLEM finding that, well into a project, I made a mistake in my knitting early on and throwing the whole thing out, needles and all.  I know it’s a waste of yarn, but it saves me so much psychic energy and angst that it’s really the only thing to do.

Writing up a pattern is different, though.  I’ve been trying to figure out a sweater I saw on Marissa Mayer, and I have started over 4 times already — is it knit side-to-side, bottom-up, top-down, all of one piece or several…  It’s been maddening.  Just today though, I realized I’d a bigger problem to solve.  It’s not reverse stockinette stitch — which is not the most fun, but still relatively quick — at all.  Nope, that sucker is seed stitch.  I can’t even.  Nope, no, no.  Not. Can’t.


I’d like to think I had it in me to start over, but I think I need to take a break before I even consider it.  Maybe some granny squares or a chevron scarf are in order!  Happy Little Friday!


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