This Seems Like a Terrible Idea

But when has that stopped me?  It’s so hot here and it’s hard to knit when it’s 103 outside (or, okay, it feels like it’s 103 even though it’s only a measly 98.  Perception.)

I’m going to finish up the projects I’ve got on the needles right now, but spending the morning cutting fabric for some story quilts.  I’m hoping I can get 7 tops done by October 1, so I can finish quilting by Christmas.  The last time I did a story quilt it was a made-up story I did all by hand.  It took forever and a day, and that was just a crib quilt for one of the Js.  He’s nine now!  Time to put all my new-found skills to use, haul out my quilt frame, and pre-cut and baste as I should so I can eliminate the hand sewing for parts the machine can do better.  I’ll save my hands for the applique, because I want to spend some time with them, as they’ll go to some kids whom I dearly love, and to whom I’ve promised some sweaters that got eaten by moths.

I almost got angry there for a second, thinking about the moths.  Anyway, I’ve already got stencils cut for two of these, and they turned out beautifully (maybe because I haven’t cut the fabric yet!)

#1:  The Snowy Day

SnowyThis, for a little boy who lives in Chicago and will therefore know what snow is all about.

#2:  Peter’s Chair


Another Ezra Jack Keats.  This one about siblings and how much we think they’ll suck before they get here. This, for a brother in Austin who has a little sister who is the shizznit.

#3:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

CaterpillarFor the sister of that brother in #2.  Because, caterpillars.

#4:  Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.


#5:  The Very Busy Spider


For a little girl whom I only get to love from a distance — she’s far away, but loved, and like me, deathly afraid of all bugs except spiders (because they kill all the other bugs, see?)

#6:  This, from Charley Harper.  The cardinal.


(I forgot the attribution — I believe it’s from his retrospective book … don’t sue me.)  This is for 1/2 of a set of twins. The boy of the set is deep in love with red birds.  See below for his sister’s quilt.  I’m going to have to think up the panels that tell the story of how great the cardinal is, but this image is fodder for the final panel.

#7:  Another Charley Harper — Raccoons!

raccoonsAgain, attribution lost, sorry!  Harper did lots of raccoons, and rabies aside, I think they’re the cutest.  Not sure if I’ll use this, or another image as the final panel on whatever story I can make up for the rest of the quilt.  Those circles for the logs … NOT looking forward to those. But, the skunk is such a great inclusion. We’ll see. This is far down on the list.  Let me get the first few done and we’ll see.

Monday.   Only four to go till Friday!



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