Been on the road this last little while and it’s been a blast, but also hard.  Under the “be careful what you wish for” category, I had been worried about where the next clients for Public were going to come from and what next month’s grocery trip was going to look like.  (Hotdogs are multi-purpose ‘food’, loved by people, cats and dogs, but everyday?  Nope.)  Then, all of a sudden, more work than the company can handle, but in a good way.  This also means some exciting opportunities for me, personally and professionally, and I’m feeling pretty grateful right now.

Coming back from D.C. and Chicago just recently I remain elevated by the vibrancy and diversity of those cities and am anxious to make a move back to a more welcoming and accepting environment than I’ve found in Austin.  The good news is, I can do what I do from anywhere, so that’s where I’m going.  Anywhere else!  

One of the stops on my travels was Stitches Midwest this past week in Illinois.  It wasn’t the show that I’d come to know and love — a little lighter on vendors and more duplication of products across the booths.  This was good, though, because otherwise, I would have come back broke.  It was still inspiring and fun to go and share the experience with my mom, cousin and aunties who can make anything hilarious.  I left Stitches feeling recommitted to doing work I love.  I’m back on a plane next week, but in the meantime, purging to prepare for my move to anywhere, and organizing for Bizarre Bazaar in San Francisco!  It’s good to have a goal in mind, and since this will be my first show as an exhibitor in a long time, I’m bound and determined to make it spectacular! We’ll see!  


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