Corporate much?

This is the worst thing that happens to good things — the imposition of policies and procedure on something that should be pure joy and abandon.  So, I’ll understand, Nancy and Meaghan, if you think this is a terrible idea and we should definitely vote, because I’m not sure.  But, was wondering if our weekly holidays might need some formalization.  Maybe, for instance, there should be an official pet of LFE, like states have state birds and flowers?  Wombats are for sure in the running, as is the lovely quokka, but the idea came to me today thanks to Mitchell, who posted this ridiculously happy video of a Rainbow Lorikeet playing with a ball.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 4.01.04 PM

(Click the image to play the vid.) When I saw an animal (that wasn’t a fish) with the word “RAINBOW” in its name, it was as if the universe spoke to me (in the deep, Morgan Freeman-ish voice I imagine the universe has) and said, “Make it so.  Wait, maybe it was Patrick Stewart’s voice.

Anyway, if any of the House of Fridays folk (Little Friday Eve, Little Friday & Big Friday Proper) are up for it, maybe let’s work on picking our official LFE animal.  Then, we can suss out officializing LF and BFP!  Or not!  Or, maybe we change it up monthly or quarterly or something like that.  I don’t care, I’m just happy that there are three days of the work week that are way better than the other two!  Happy weekending!

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